Aerial 2412

Ladder Truck 2412 is an Rosenbauer aerial truck with a 2000 GPM pump and a 109 foot ladder. While there aren't any 100 foot buildings in Eureka's district, the setbacks of many structures require the long reach of this truck. 2412 was placed in service in the 1st quarter of 2017 and was purchased with funds from the 2008 bond issue. This truck also carries an AED for cardiac emergencies.

NIMS typing resources: ESF #4 Firefighting  -  Fire Truck - Aerial (L) Type 1
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Pumper 2414


Pumper/ Rescue 2414 is a 2012 Smeal/ Spartan Gladiator Pumper/Tanker/Tech Rescue/ Haz-Mat unit.
500 hp Cummins, Allison 4000 EVS series automatic,  2000 GPM Hale midship pump, 1000 Gal.
Booster tank, Waterous automatic CAFS as well as Class B foam system w/ auto tank fill capability.Speed lays, front intake, trashline & Hurst 10,000p.s.i.  
Hydraulic rescue tools. 16 KW hydraulic generator, Light Tower, 4 bottle 6000 PSI cascade w/ fill station.  1250 gpm Akron remote control monitor, 1000’ of 3” hose, 1000’ of 5” hose, 300+ cu ft of compartment storage space w/ ladders & hard suction hose stowed in a rescue body configuration w/ enclosed pump panels. 


2414 was placed into service in April 2013.


 NIMS typing resouuces: ESF #4 Firefighting  -  Engine, Fire (Pumper) - Type II

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Pumper/Tanker 2424

DSCF8489.JPGThe New 2424 Pumper/Tanker/Rescue has been placed in service at Station # 2. This is new a 2010 Rosenbauer.

This truck has a 2000 gpm midship pump with a 1250 gal. booster tank; CAFS system as well as Class B foam DSCF8490.JPGsystem. Midship pump panel, 2-1 ¾ ” & 1- 2 ½” speed lays, front intake & trash line.
DSCF8491.JPGElectric and hydraulic reels.Hurst high pressure rescue tools, 2000’of 3” & 5” hose. 2000 gal. folda tank and ladders stowed on top on hydraulic racks. Extendable dump shute in rear.






NIMS typing resouuces: ESF #4 Firefighting  -  Engine, Fire (Pumper) - Type II

NIMS typing resouuces: ESF #4 Firefighting  -  Water Tender, Firefighting (Tanker) - Type 1

NIMS Reference Manual 

Pumper 2434


Rescue pumper 2434 is 2016 Rosenbauer. 2434 went in service in the 1st quarter of 2016. It carries a full complement of extrication equipment, air bags, high angle rescue, and air monitoring equipment. This unit also has a thermal imager 5 gas detector on board. This truck was purchased with funds from the 2008 bond issue.


NIMS typing resouuces: ESF #4 Firefighting  -  Engine, Fire (Pumper) - Type II
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Brush Truck 2418


Brush / Utility unit 2418 is a 2000 Ford F-350 cab chassis with a custom bed. It is stationed out of House # 1 on Highway 109. 2418 has several duties including running as a brush unit for wildland fires and as the truck that pulls 2496, our technical rescue trailer. Innovations have made it possible for this truck to be used for both purposes. The booster hose reels and storage boxes are hung under the bed, and the water tank is custom fabricated from diamond plate aluminum to allow clearance of the gooseneck trailer.

Brush Truck 2428

Brush unit 2428 is a 2011 Chevy Silverado Pickup It is stationed out of House #2 on West 5th Stret. This unit has a skid unit slid in the bed to allow for response on brush fires. Vehicle is also used for towing boat 2429 and other trailers as needed.




Brush Truck 2438

DSCF7018.JPGBrush Truck 2438 is out of Station # 3 in Hoene Springs, MO.

This truck is 2009 Cheverolet Silverado 3500 (SRW) crew cab, with Knaphide utility body and a 250 gal. skid unit. Carries a class A foam cell and a 400 GPM Hale Pump. This Unit supports Brush, Boat Ops., Utility, and EMS.

Rescue Boat 2419


2419 is a flatbottom boat with a Mercury 150 HP motor and a variable speed trolling motor. It can operate in flood and swiftwater situations. It has a very shallow draft to operate in the Meramec River.

Mobile Command Post

IMG_2009_04_17_6170.JPGThe Eureka Fire Protection District hosts and maintains the mobile command center, Unit number 2499, for the St. Louis Regional Response System Missouri Region C / Illinois MABAS 32 and 25. The mobile command center provides extensive inter-communications capabilities, incident management equipment, and information technology systems. The mobile command center has responded for incident management as part of the St. Louis Incident Support Team (IST) and planning requests ranging from storm damage in southern Missouri to the NHRA races at Gateway International Raceway. The mobile command center is called the "EM50" as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the RV in the movie "Stripes".

NIMS typing resouuces: ESF #2 Communications  - Mobile EOC Type I!
NIMS Reference Manual

Staff Vehicles

Staff Vehicles

The Eureka Fire Protection District has several vehicles that are used for our administrative and commnand functions. Each of the the four command officers has a vehicle assigned to them that they operate on a regular basis as they must respond on incidents at any given moment. Additionally, our community education, fire inspection, and other daily operations require us to have transportation other than fire apparatus.