District Description & Maps

The Eureka Fire Protection District is located 35 miles west of St. Louis, Missouri along Interstate 44. Our District protects 82 square miles in the Meramec and Big River flood plains, lying in two (2) different counties (2/3 in St. Louis County, 1/3 in Jefferson County). The flood plain consists of a large amount of farmland that rises to rocky Ozark hills.
The small railroad town of Eureka has grown in the past 100 years to a bedroom community with a national theme park and rare mid western ski resort. The overall population served in the community can double with visitors to the theme park. We have many older homes and buildings being used as antique stores to add to the flavor of our community.
In addition we cover 15 miles of cross-country Interstate Highway (Interstate 44) and 20 miles of 2 railroads. These railroads traverse the nation with a variety of cargo including hazardous materials. In the past years we have responded to many major transportation incidents on the highway and railroad. We have 8 large county and state parks, the 5th largest Boy Scout ranch in the country,  and two very large acreage, non-for-profit forest. All of these areas are visited throughout the year by thousands of visitors that enjoy walking, hiking, camping, mountain biking, horseback riding, and riding all terrain vehicles. Additionaly we have Five (5) large Golf Courses and Country Clubs, Six Flags, St.Louis and Hidden Valley Ski Resort.
We do also have several retail plazas and some light industrial. Estimaed population of the Eureka Fire District is 29,000.