Open Burning Facts Under Missouri Regulation

The following information is presented as a public service from the Eureka Fire Protection District. Residents not living in the Eureka Fire Protection District should contact their local Fire District, City or County Health Department.

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St. Louis Metropolitan Area

The geographical area comprising St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson, and Franklin Counties and the city of St. Louis.


Open Burning

Burning of any materials in which air contaminants resulting from combustion are emitted directly into the ambient air without fire passing through a stack or chimney from an enclosed chamber.


Prohibited Open Burning Under State Regulation

Any waste generated by a business, trade, industry, factory any demolition operation cannot be burned. This would include, but not be limit to, paper, cardboard boxes, pallets, tires, rubber products, hazardous materials, Styrofoam, plastics; petroleum-based products and treated wood.  Any asbestos-containing material cannot be burned.

Open Burning of Household Refuse


St. Louis County Burning Regulations

All open burning activities throughout St. Louis County, in unincorporated and incorporated portions of the County, are prohibited. The following activities are permitted in St. Louis County when not prohibited by other laws, regulations, or ordinances.  All other open burnings not specifically exempted are prohibited unless approved by the Director.

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St. Louis Metropolitan Area

Open burning of household refuse is prohibited in the St. Louis metropolitan area.


Open Burning of Household Yard Wastes

Missouri allows open burning of household yard wastes originating on-premises from four dwelling units or less and burned on the same premises.


St. Louis Metropolitan Area

Open burning of tree leaves or residential brush is allowed only in areas outside of incorporated municipalities and is limited to the period beginning Sept. 15 and ending April 14 of each calendar year. These brush piles are limited to 16 square feet and the burning is allowed from 10 a.m. through 4 p.m.


Open Burning in Land Clearing Operations

Open burning of tree trunks, tree limbs and vegetation from land clearing operations is allowed only in the outstate area if the burning takes place outside the city limits of any incorporated area or municipality and at least 200 yards from the nearest inhabited dwelling. Materials such as tires or waste oil may not be used to start the fires or be burned in the fires.


Required Permits from DNR:

Tree trunks, tree limbs, vegetation (excluding leaves or lawn clippings) or untreated waste lumber at a landfill, compost plant, transfer station or salvage operation can be burned, throughout the state, with an issued and valid open burning permit. The open burning permit requires the facility, in most cases, to use an Air Curtain Destructor (ACD).

The Eureka Fire Protection District does issue ACD permits. An application can be filled out during normal business hours. The permit is regulated by the rules and regulations set forth by the DNR permit.

Open Burning for Recreational Purposes

Campfires and other fires used solely for recreational purposes, ceremonial occasions or for outdoor noncommercial preparation of food are allowed in Missouri. Fires shall include only vegetative woody materials or untreated wood products.

Burn Permits may be obtained through St. Louis County Department of Health or the Missouri Department of Natural Resources

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The Eureka Fire Protection District requires notification of open burning.