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Generator Safety Tips

Man Operating a generator | Eureka Fire Protection District | Eureka, MO

A portable generator is helpful to have during a power outage. It allows homeowners to continue to heat and cool their homes, refrigerate and freeze their perishable foods, and even watch a favorite tv show when severe weather disrupts normal living. Since homeowners use generators as a backup power source, they may overlook basic safety measures that should be routine with such equipment. The Eureka Fire Protection District encourages families to know the dangers of operating a generator. Here we share expert tips from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the National Fire Protection Association so that you and your loved ones will stay safely comfortable during a power outage.

How to Use a Generator Safely


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Eureka Fire Protection District is an EMS, Fire, and Rescue service provider located in Eureka, Missouri. Staffed with nearly one hundred volunteer and career Paramedics, EMTs, Firefighters, Junior Firefighters, and administrative teams, the department provides its local community with fire prevention, education, safety resources, and emergency relief. Eureka Fire Protection District maintains a reputation as a well-run, high-performing fire department by keeping up to date with the latest in life-saving training and technology.

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