Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

When every second counts, the Eureka Fire Protection District emergency medical services (EMS) is prepared to care for victims of sudden and serious illness or injury. This system depends on the availability and coordination of many different elements, ranging from an informed public capable of recognizing medical emergencies to a network of trauma centers capable of providing highly specialized care to the most seriously ill or injured. The 911 emergency number, Fire Departments, search and rescue teams, prehospital and emergency department personnel are some of the critical elements necessary for the EMS system to work.

Star of Life
Always Remember
CALL 9-1-1
In The Event Of A Medical Emergency
The Star Of Life

Just as physicians have the caduceus, and pharmacists have the mortar and pestle, Emergency Medical Technicians have the Star of Life, a symbol whose use is encouraged by both the American Medical Association and the Advisory Council within the Department of Health and Human Services. On road maps and highway signs the Star of Life indicates the location or access to qualified emergency care services. The symbol’s six barred cross represents the six-system function of the EMS, which includes Detection, Reporting, Response, On Scene Care, Care in Transit and Transfer to Definitive Care. The staff in the center of the symbol represents medicine and healing. 

ambulance 2417

Ambulance 2417 is a 2009 Chevrolet / Osage Ambulance. Responds from Station # 1 on Highway 109. This ambulance runs as an advance life support unit. 2417 runs more calls each year than any other unit in the district. 2417 covers about half of the highways in our district, our largest nursing home, and a large boy scout reservation. It carries a full complement of airway control, cardiac monitoring, and trauma equipment.

ambulance 2427

Rescue pumper 2434 is 2016 Rosenbauer. 2434 went in service in the 1st quarter of 2016. It carries a full complement of extrication equipment, air bags, high angle rescue, and air monitoring equipment. This unit also has a thermal imager 5 gas detector on board. This truck was purchased with funds from the 2008 bond issue.

The Eureka Fire Protection Districts conducts monthly continuing medical education classes in house. Classes are taught by our own personnel, guest instructors, and members of our medical control facility, St. Clare Hospital in Fenton, MO. If you are interested in attending a class, please contact our Medical Officer at 636-938-5505.