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Search And Rescue Team

The Search and Rescue Team was formed in 2002 after the Eureka Fire Protection District recognized that there was a need for trained volunteers when searching for lost, injured, or missing persons. It has grown from a mounted only unit to a multi-disciplined, self sufficient search team with its own communications and support capabilities along with trained planning and management personnel. The Search and Rescue Team now consists of Canine, Mounted, Ground, and Communications elements. The team is comprised of about 35 volunteers including nurses, businessmen, firefighters, police, and contractors.

Eureka Fire Protection District Search and Rescue logo
Search And Rescue Team Capabilities

  • Incident Command / Search Operations:  These members are ICS/NIMS certified and are equipped with computerized mapping software to formulate search plans and track search progress.

  • Communications:  These members are trained in all aspects of communications and have their own communications network to include VHF and UHF radios, repeaters, and extenders.

  • Canine:  This group uses canines trained in Tracking/Trailing, Air Scent, and Human Remains Recovery.

  • Mounted:  As compared to ground searching; horses are faster, can carry more supplies to stay out longer, offer a higher viewing platform for searching, and provide a more rested rescue worker when a subject is found. The mounted unit uses well trained horses capable of searching large tracts of forest, fields, trails and other terrain

Highly Trained And Ready To Respond

All team members train year round in backcountry travel including map and compass, global positioning system (GPS) use, communications, first aid, evidence preservation, and search and rescue operations. Members of the team carry pagers or cell phones so that all members can be instantly notified of a search call-out. When dispatched, each member of the team responds to the search area with their equipment, first aid supplies, and two-way radios for communication with search coordinators and other team members.

Law Enforcement and Fire Departments across Missouri and western Illinois have repeatedly requested our Search & Rescue teams to assist in all manner of searches and other incidents requiring trained searchers.

Searches include locating downed aircraft, lost hunters, hikers, or children, crime scene / evidence searches, and other emergency or disaster situations.

The Search and Rescue Team can be contacted through Eureka Fire Station # 1 at 636-938-5505 or for an emergency response contact Central County Emeregncy 911 636-394-2212 or through your emergency dispatch center.

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