Media Relations

The Eureka Fire Protection District has a long-standing commitment to working in cooperation with media entities and personnel. We recognize that many of our responses and operations are considered to be newsworthy. We further recognize that media outlets have an obligation to provide timely and accurate information to their listeners, readers, and viewers. We strive to provide such information to reporters.

The Eureka Fire Protection District also strongly believes we have an obligation beyond mitigating fire, EMS, rescue, and hazardous materials incidents; to educate the public to prevent emergencies. Personnel from the district regularly engage in safety presentations and outreach programs. We can extend the reach and scope of our education programs and the message we hope to convey by working with the media. A timely feature story produced in conjunction with a media outlet can educate thousands of citizens.

News Camera crew taking video of Eureka fire truck

The Eureka Fire Protection District encourages information exchange with the media by:

  • Regularly forwarding press releases on non-emergent functions, special events, training and safety programs.

  • Disseminating information in reference to emergencies (fires, rescues, etc.) by phone, press conferences, and now electronic media releases.

  • Maintaining an up-to-date website with valuable information readily accessible to the media.

  • Having a designated public information officer who is familar with and capable of working with the media.

Public Information Officer
Scott Barthelmass

Scott Barthelmass serves as Public Information Officer for the Eureka Fire Protection District.


Scott has been with the fire district as a firefighter/Paramedic since 1997. He has held the position of Public Information Officer since 1998. Additionally, Scott serves as the Public Information Officer for the St. Louis County Hazardous Materials / WMD Emergency Response Team and the Missouri Region C Incident Support Team.

Please Direct All Media Inquiries To:

Scott Barthelmass
Public Information Officer
Eureka Fire Protection District

PO Box 97
Eureka, MO 63025
Office: 636-938-5505
Fax: 636-938-6970
Cell: 314-565-2480