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Eureka firetrucks at firehouse

Take a Tour of the Eureka Fire Station

We love giving tours to the Eureka residents, it’s a great opportunity to show off the fire stations while educating the public about fire safety. 


Fire station tours make for the perfect school field trips and summer camp activities.  

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Come on down...All three of our firehouses are open to tour. District residents are encouraged to schedule a tour of the firehouses. Tours can be requested by calling us at 636-938-5505 or by requesting one below. 

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Learn about life as a firefighter at the EFPD

Taking a tour of a Eureka fire station is a great way to learn about the daily operations of the firehouse and what life is like for our firefighters. Residents are able to meet firefighters and ask them questions.

Firehouse Tour Includes: 

  • Lessons on Fire Safety!

  • Meeting a Firefighter in Protective Clothing!

  • Fire Safety Gifts for Everyone!

Our tours can accommodate up to 50 people. Tours are free to Eureka residents.

To book a tour of Eureka Firehouse click here. To learn more information, contact Deputy Chief Richard Pallarito at 636-938-5505.

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