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Host Your Kid's Birthday at the Firehouse!

There is no better way to celebrate your child’s birthday than at the Eureka Firehouse! The EFPD birthday parties are a favorite amongst kids and perfect for fire truck-loving kids.

Birthday Parties at the Fire Station

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Get kids excited about fire safety!

Our firehouse birthday parties are a great way to get kids excited about fire safety and show kids what the life of a firefighter is like.

EFPD birthday parties include:

  • Lessons on Fire Safety!

  • Meeting a Firefighter in Protective Clothing!

  • Fire Safety Gifts for Everyone!

This is a great opportunity for kids to look at our equipment and fire engines up close and ask questions to our firefighters.

  • Firehouse birthday parties are available for District residents only.

    No Fee
  • Complete your celebration with a firetruck drive-by. District resident...

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Eureka Firehouse Parties are free for District Residents!

Our Firehouse party room can accommodate up to 15 kids, plus family members.

EFPD does not provide food, it’s up to the family to reserve the room to supply, food, cake, etc.

Firehouse parties are a good way for kids to learn about fire safety and ask questions.

To book our party room, click here For more information or to Schedule your Birthday Party, click here or, contact Richard Pallarito at 636-938-5505 to schedule.

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