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Permit Information

Residential Building Permits

Residential residents are no longer required to fill out a permit for building / remodeling, however you can request an inspection, should you desire. Click here to schedule an inspection. Residential inspections are free for those in our district.

Commercial Building Permits

A Building Permit is required if you are going to do any of the following:

  • Build a commercial structure

  • Remodel a commercial structure

  • Install or remodel a fire suppression or detection system

  • Install or remodel an underground or above ground storage tank. (propane tanks are the most common)

  • Operate an Air Curtain Destructor Open Burn Pit (DNR Permit)

  • Add a sprinkler system, or

  • Add a hood suppression system above a cooking appliance in a commercial building.

Use Permits

Use Permits are to be completed and returned to our office if you are going to occupy an existing building as a business, or if you have built a new commercial building. This form is to be completed and returned to us prior to occupying the building. This permit application is also used for stands and tents, which will be used for the retail sale of fireworks.

All questions may be directed to the Fire Prevention Bureau at 636-938-5505 between 8:00 and 4:30 Monday through Friday.

The Eureka Fire Protection District does issue permits for building construction, commercial use and commercial fireworks displays. We DO NOT issue permits for open burning, blasting, or residential fireworks displays.

Burn Permits

campfire open burning

Burn Permits may be obtained through St. Louis County Department of Health or the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. 


Click here to learn more about Missouri regulations for Open Burning. 


The Eureka Fire Protection District requires notification of open burning. 

Blasting Permits

Blasting permits are handled through St. Louis County Government or the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

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