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Christmas Tree Safety Tips

Christmas trees create a festive atmosphere during the holidays, but they account for hundreds of fires each year. Artificial and live trees both pose risks. The Eureka Fire Protection District cares for you and your family, and we want everyone to stay safe this holiday season. We encourage families to take these preventive measures to reduce the chance of a Christmas tree fire occurring in the home.


About the Author:

Eureka Fire Protection District is an EMS, Fire, and Rescue service provider located in Eureka, Missouri. Staffed with nearly one hundred volunteer and career Paramedics, EMTs, Firefighters, Junior Firefighters, and administrative teams, the department provides its local community with fire prevention, education, safety resources, and emergency relief. Eureka Fire Protection District maintains a reputation as a well-run, high-performing fire department by keeping up to date with the latest in life-saving training and technology.

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